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Verified Inventory

Verified Inventory

The jewelry you buy fromGuild Jewels isn’t just guaranteed, it’s verified.  Every single piece is inspected for quality and authenticity before it’s listed on our site by one of the world’s top gem labs: Gem Certification and Assurance Lab in New York.


Why GCAL? Because it is the only lab that offers guaranteed diamond grading certificates. GCAL has earned the highest ISO Laboratory Accreditation: ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Forensic Laboratory. For the past 33 years, GCAL has also published Palmieri’s Market Monitor, the essential guide to market values in the wholesale and auction markets for appraisers.

Here’s how our partners at GCAL verify the quality of every Guild Jewelsjewelry piece:

1. Metal Testing

GCAL tests each piece to determine metal quality and fineness with non-destructive X-Ray fluorescence technology.

2. Gem Identification

A gemologist identifies each gemstone in the piece, including melee.

3.  Diamond Grading

A diamond grader checks the quality of each diamond, and all diamonds above 0.25 carat are graded for color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

4. Gemprint

Every diamond above 0.25 carat receives a Gemprint, a patented process for diamond identification that’s like an optical fingerprint. The Gemprint can positively identify the diamond if it is ever lost or stolen.

5. Value Verification

An appraiser confirms the valuation provided to make sure that it is in line with the wholesale market.

6. Condition Report

An appraiser checks the condition of the piece to make sure there are no loose prongs, chips, scratches or any other quality issues.

7.  Verified Description

An appraiser makes sure the description is in compliance with FTC and AGTA guides, with any enhancement clearly stated.Every mark, fineness and description is checked to make sure it is in compliance with Federal Laws.

8.  Photography

Only then do we photograph each item and upload it to the Guild Jewels website.

9. No Suprises

When you receive your piece, there are no surprises: the quality is exactly as described on our site.



GCAL examines each piece of Guild Jewels jewelry as carefully as they do diamonds. For more information, take a video tour of the high-tech GCAL diamond grading lab below.