Inventory Solution - Creating Revenue

Improve Profitability

Improve Profitability

Improve Your Profitability 

At Guild Jewels, we believe that the key to improving the profitability of high-end independent jewelers like you is unlocking the capital trapped in excess inventory. In the average store, 45% of inventory is old stock. Inventory carrying costs are 25% to 45% of the cost of the merchandise so every $100,000 in excess inventory costs you $25,000 to $45,000 a year!

Reducing excess inventory is crucial. In the past, your options were to discount the piece, harming your brand; to return it to the vendor, which requires buying more stock; to sell to a liquidator at steep discount; or scrap it for metal and stone value.

Guild Jewels offers you a better way. Unlike other methods, with Guild Jewels you receive 65-85% of what you paid for a piece. Unlocking that value improves cash flow, reduces your carrying costs, and increases average turn and profitability.

And, at the same time,you will generate additional revenue from a constant stream of fresh inventory from other jewelers and wholesalers, domestic and international. Because Guild Jewels enables you to acquire this inventory below cost,you can sell it at a healthy profit. Both selling and buying on Guild Jewels benefit your bottom line.