Inventory Solution - Creating Revenue

How It Works

How It Works

How Guild Jewels Works

Guild Jewels is the easiest and most profitable way to solve your inventory problem. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Turn in non-performing stock

Your first step is selecting inventory that’s saleable but isn’t turning in your store. You use the Guild Jewels online worksheet to prepare a memo, attaching invoices, if available, that document what you paid for each piece. You set your price, below cost but above liquidation. Then you send it all to Guild Jewels, using our convenient shipping service.

Step 2: Your Jewelry is Verified

Guild Jewels utilizes the services of an independent laboratory, GCAL, which opens your parcel, inspects each piece in detail, authenticates the gems, metal, condition, and manufacturer. GCAL sets a trade-in value for each piece according to how in demand it is: designer pieces and classic diamond pieces are most in demand, vintage pieces and pearl strands are less so. GCAL makes sure the trade in value is in line with your cost price. Once a value is agreed upon we accept the goods and add your trade-in value to your Guild Jewels account balance. We photograph and describe each piece and upload it to the Guild Jewels website for other jewelers to select.

Step 3: Shop for New Styles

You visit the Guild Jewels website and select styles you like and add them to your cart. Everything is offered below cost so you’re sure to find lots of good options. The value of those items is deducted from your trade-in account balance. The selected styles are sent to you on memo for four months. Price them at whatever you want in your store.Report your sales each month. You have 30 days to pay for the pieces you sold at the consignment price plus 15% commission.

Step 4: Get Paid

Every month, after reports are in indicating your items where sold, you receive a check for your old inventory that was sold, less the modest 15% commission to us on the sale. You can easily track your sales on the Guild Jewels website.You can recall your old inventory at any time but we doubt you’ll want to. Instead, you’ll want to send in more inventories so the cycle can begin again!