Inventory Solution - Creating Revenue

Why Guild Jewels

Why Guild Jewels

Guild Jewels: An Inventory Solution

Millions of dollars in beautiful fine jewelry is sitting in jewelry stores how cases across the country gathering dust.How much of this old stock is yours?

What if you could take that inventory and put it somewhere it will turn?  And replace it with styles that you can sell quickly?  What would that do for your bottom line?

With Guild Jewels, you can do exactly that. 

Guild Jewels is the first-ever jeweler inventory-trading network.  We help jewelers like you turn inventory into cash and change out tired styles for fresh designs.We’re like an online dating service for all the jewelry pieces that haven’t found someone to love them yet.

We’ll find a home for your inventory: a store where it will sell so you can turn those old styles into cash.

And in return, you’ll get stock that your customers will love. Not closeouts or discontinued items. Styles that the best jewelers in the country selected for their cases. Styles you can put in your cases on consignment below cost that is attractive and profitable to sell.

All brought to you on a convenient and cost-effective online shopping platform that’s really easy to use. And every jewelry piece we offer is verified and inspected by one of the country’s leading laboratories.