Inventory Solution - Creating Revenue


Trade Your Idle Inventory for New Fresh Styles

Too flashy or too conservative for your hometown? Send your inventory that isn't selling to the Guild Jewels innovative online jeweler's exchange and obtain something that will sell.

Here's how it works: you send in jewelry that hasn't sold in your market. In return, you choose a selection of well-priced styles that your customers will love, all verified by our appraisers. You only pay for what sells and trade out what doesn't. You’re never stuck with dusty old stock.

Meanwhile, your pieces get a second chance in another market, thanks to our community of savvy jewelers like you. When your pieces sell, you get paid! We handle all the details: all you have to do is cash the check.

Guild Jewels is jewelers helping jewelers. Everybody wins and your store stays fresh with no additional investment. Apply for membership today and you’ll never have to settle for the melt price again.